Ace Your Med School Interview.

You just got your invitation to interview at your top choice Medical School. And you know that the difference between acceptance and rejection is how you perform at the INTERVIEW.

Knowledge, Preparation, Practice, and Quality Feedback  make the difference.

Dr. Pascal Juang, your med school interview insider helps candidates just like you prepare to Ace all of your Medical School Interviews.

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Proven Unique Interview Preparation System.  Insider Experience.  Expert Coaching.

Chosen as Official Consultant for Scribe America Medical  and PA school Interview Preparation

Dr. Pascal Juang, Founder of MedSchooInterviewInsider helps medical school candidates ace their interviews.

Interviewing for medical school, is like any sport or competitive activity. You perform best if you know the rules and are comfortable with the environment. You will have a competitive advantage if you are prepared for your interview by someone who has insider knowledge of the medical school admissions process and has interviewed medical school and residency applicants.

Dr. Juang has extensive experience preparing applicants for their medical school and physician assistant school interviews.  His insider experience started while a student at UCSD medical school where he was a student interviewer and tour guide on the medical schools admissions committee.  During his Emergency Medicine residency at Harvard, he was appointed the Chief Resident and in that capacity, helped host and evaluate Emergency Medicine residency candidates. Since then, Dr. Juang has helped numerous applicants get into medical school and physician assistant school by providing insider knowledge, constructive feedback, and expert coaching that they needed to perform their best at the interview.

I am very confident that my Ace Your Med School Interview system course is the best of its kind in the market.
And I guarantee it.  100% money back guarantee.


Dr. Pascal Juang, founder of helps medical school candidates ace their med school interviews.

Proven Unique Interview Preparation System

Fine tuned over several years, this Insider Interview System has helped clients Ace their Medical school, PA school, and Nursing school interviews.

Insider Experience

Dr. Juang has been on both sides of the table as an interviewee and interviewer.  He has interviewed both medical school and residency candidates and provided significant input into admissions decisions.

Expert Coaching

Dr. Juang’s comprehensive one on one coaching style helps clients to remain poised, confident and to articulate their strengths during interviews.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our clients do the talking!

I looked online and on Student Doctor Network to prepare for interviews. I didn’t know where to begin… You made it really easy because you gave me an outline and guidance on how to formulate my answers. Even my second interview – I was really nervous but I was so well-prepared, you couldn’t even tell I was nervous. Not a single question was surprising to me.

Dr. Juang put together a great curriculum that prepares a medical student applicant for any interview. When I first started Ace the Interview my answers were long, drawn out, and convoluted. By the end, I was able to form articulate and well thought out answers. Ace the Interview gave me the confidence and practice that I needed to get into medical school. I would highly recommend it to everyone. Thank you Dr. Juang!

Lauren V.

Medical School

Before working with Dr. Juang my interview skills were hit and miss. Sometimes I could say what I wanted to say, and other times I would be tangential or at a loss for words. Dr. Juang helped me organize my answers to key questions and provided feedback regarding how to best word my answers. Also, Dr. Juang reviews your entire application to ensure that what you say in the interview is consistent with what your wrote about. I would highly recommend Ace the Interview to anyone preparing for a professional interview.

I felt like I went into it with eyes wide open. It was cool to see what goes on behind the scenes. Dr. Juang’s program also helped me know what things to do after the interview to help me get into medical school. The information that I learned in the prep program was invaluable.

I was more at ease and more comfortable during the interview day than the other applicants because of Dr. Juang’s prep. The other applicants were tense while I was at ease and able to enjoy the process.

Gordon W.

Medical School

Working with Dr. Juang helped me to approach my medical school interviews with confidence. He provided great resources and insight from his own experiences that improved the way I presented myself and my overall performance. From learning how to answer difficult questions to subtle things like body language, Dr. Juang took the time to make sure that I was prepared to succeed in what was undoubtedly the most daunting part of applying to medical school. Having now been accepted, I am positive that I would not be in this position without the invaluable help and guidance I received from Dr. Juang’s Ace the Interview Insider Program.

Jennifer N.

Medical School

I bought interview prep books and looked at a lot of websites all of them have really similar content… But your prep course allowed me to be calm and composed when trying to answer questions I didn’t prepare for and I didn’t expect

You instantly picked out my mistakes to help me rephrase my answer so it was much better

They asked a lot of the same questions at my seven interviews and it’s good to answer them in a way that made me stand out from everyone else and made my answers to standard questions more unique

Your insider information and preparation system is not in any book and I couldn’t find it on the Internet….. You’re not going to find people who can help you like that

Thanks for the help, Dr. Juang, it definitely made a difference!

Elise P.

PA School

ACE YOUR INTERVIEW played a huge role in my acceptance into PA school.  There is very little that books and online forums provide as to what to expect on the big day.  Dr. Juang (ACE THE INTERVIEW) is an expert on what schools are looking for in a candidate and was able to ensure that I was prepared for every unexpected question.  The one on one video assessment provided a great simulation of how an interview would feel like.  After rigorous training, I walked into my interview feeling confidant and that I performed to my fullest potential.  I would highly recommend this course.

There are so many courses to prepare you for testing and applications but none on interviewing skills.  As a first time interviewer I had no idea what to expect and just knowing what they were looking for really allowed my performance to be more focused.  During my interview I could tell when candidates were not prepared.  They seemed to go off topic and never answered the question or bored the interviewers after 5 minutes.

A lot of people have a hard time with public speaking and what to say or what not to say during an interview and those are things you simply can’t read in a book or online.  I also think skills learned during this prep course could also be used on other interviews as well.  Dr Juang, thank you so much for helping me achieve my goals!!!

Regina H.

PA School

ACE your interview gave me the confidence, knowledge and preparation that I needed to successfully come across as a competitive applicant.

No literature could have prepared me as well as my mock interview.

I highly recommend it to anyone applying for medical school, residency and fellowship.

I got into my first choice medical school, UCLA.  Thank you Dr. Juang.

Adrianna G.

Medical School

Dr. Pascal Juang is the Official Consultant for Scribe America Medical  and PA school Interview Preparation

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